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The Starter Web Hosting Plan is great for small business web hosting or personal use.

3 Gigs Storage

Unlimited Email Accounts

3 Gigs Transfer


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Business Plan $13.29 mo.

The Business Web Hosting Plan is perfect for businesses.

10 Gigs Storage

Unlimited Email Accounts

10 Gigs Transfer


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Advanced Plan $16.58 mo.

The Advanced Web Hosting Plan is the perfect plan for almost enterprise business venture.

20 Gigs Storage

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So What is RemedyWAF?  It's a managed cloud based Firewall, Anti Virus, Malware Detection and Web Site Optimizing Load Balancer.

RemedyWAF caches your hosted web site over a multitude of load balanced, monitored servers making your web site load faster for customers while protecting your "real" web site from ever being reached by hack-bots. Bottom Line | No web site should be without it!


Content management systems like Word Press, Joomla and others are amazing allowing you to edit any page of your web site directly from the public interface. They also allow limitless developers to create components, modules and plugins that, once installed, customize the features of your web site.

The problem? SECURITY

Joomla and Wordpress web sites are hacked OFTEN because they are open source. THEIR CODE IS NOT ENCRYPTED AND IS AVAILABLE TO THE WORLD, INCLUDING HACKERS. So all vunerabilities are eventually found and exploited. Joomla and Wordpress are also primary targets of automated hack-bots trolling the web due to the millions of web sites using them.

In 2016 not a single web site using RemedyWAF was hacked!

WAF (Cloud-based Firewall)

This next-generation cloud-based SAAS Website Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System functions as a reverse proxy, intercepting all requests to your web site. It removes all malicious requests before it ever arrives at your server to do damage. It includes Virtual Patching and Hardening engines that create real-time mitigation of threats to your web site while improving the speed at which your customers view it.

If you're thinking "My little site wouldn't be a target", think again!
Here's an example of just one month of blocked attacks on a web site that was launched less than 3 months ago with very little traffic.

remedywaf blocks

If you really want to GEEK OUT.. here's some specs.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS Mitigation)

  • Layer 7 HTTP Flood Attacks
  • DNS Amplification Attacks
  • SSDP Attacks

Web Site Attacks and Hacks

  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Software Vulnerabilities

Zero Day Response

  • Virtual Hardening
  • Virtual Patching
  • Cloud Protection

Malware Prevention

  • Daily Off-Site malware scans
  • Daily On-Site malware scans
  • Google Blacklist prevention
  • Protects you Brand Reputation

Simple Setup | All Platforms

  • No product installation
  • Supports all CMS (content management systems)



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