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CMS (Content Management System) Web Sites are one of the most popular types of web sites being developed today.  They are database driven and have a complete back end administration system that allows you or your employees to edit virtually anything in the web site on the fly potentially saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance fees.

This web site that you are viewing now is actually a content management system.

The CMS system that we typically recommend has the added advantage of editing directly from the web pages themselves which eliminates having to learn, or even go into the administration system to make edits to your web site.  Just log in as an administrator and you’ll be presented with a “Edit” icon at the top of any content that is editable. Once clicked, a familiar “Word” style editing window opens which allows you to edit as needed. After your finished click the “Submit” button and you’re done.


Here is a comparison of the most popular content management systems.

The Remedysoft 6 Step web development process has proven to be the best development path eliminating many of the difficulties of revisions and change orders which can affect the overall budget and development time. Read more about the 6 Step web development process.

  1. Investigate and Listen
  2. Development Path & Estimate
  3. Design
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  6. Maintenance

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